Each piece is hand-made by Maria Irene Weinz. 



Oxidized pieces will eventually wear off the silver base; this is part of the caracter. 

All matte surfaces will become shiny with time and wear, also part of its character.



Clean occasionally using a pan lined with aluminum foil, warm water, vinegar, and baking soda, this creates a chemical reaction that removes tarnish.  You can also use a silverdip liquid cleaner for silver, but do not use silver cleaning creams, as they shine matte surfaces.



Clean with soap and water.



Enamel is glass and can break.  Pieces should be kept in their own box when not being worn.  Do not use acid base cleaners. Do not clean oxidized pieces.



All stone settings should be checked occasionally.  If there is movement please return to me for adjustment or repair. 



Clean using mild soap and water.  If set in silver approach your local jeweler for professional cleaning.


Silver bowls and spoons

Silver has an antiseptic quality and it is food safe, so use pieces often and wash them with a sponge.  Don't be affraid__the surface of the bowls and spoons has been pre-scratched to be user friendly.